What We Can Help You With

A La Carte Coaching

We can work with you on a select basis on any of the following topics. Click the link below for additional information.

  • Topic Selection/Dissertation/Thesis Ideas – Selecting a dissertation or thesis topic can be overwhelming. Let us work with you through the process so that your topic is tight, narrow and solid.
  • Goal Setting – Our coaches can break down the dissertation/thesis process so that it is not so overwhelming for you. We will help you set doable, realistic goals that will empower you to be more productive.
  • Premise – Paper which starts the discussion of the topic for the dissertation. Some universities require a premise for the student to narrow their topic and set the direction of their research.
  • Prospectus – The Prospectus sets the pace for the dissertation. Students must organize their conceptual ideas regarding the dissertation. The Prospectus has specific areas that must be covered and then approved by a student’s committee.
  • Research Question Formation – Research Question drive the dissertation/thesis process. We can assist you with developing relevant, researchable questions that are tight and articulate.
  • Literature Review – The Literature Review is an exhaustive search of the academic literature. Researching the academic literature can be daunting. We can assist with how to conduct the research, organizing your literature and writing the review.
  • PowerPoint Review for Defense – Many online universities are utilizing phone conference calls for their oral defense. The student is often tasked with providing a PowerPoint for the committee to follow during the presentation. We can work with you in preparing your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Coaching for Defense – To prepare for the defense, there are certain details that a student should not miss. Our coaches have all had successful thesis and dissertation defense. Let us help you be prepared.
  • Methodology – Chapter 3 of the Dissertation or Thesis is the methodology or the method of your study and how it will be administered. We are trained in qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods. Methodology is the who, what, when and how the study will be conducted.
  • Introduction – Chapter 1 is where you describe the study to be completed, the gap in the academic literature and justify the research problem. The research questions and the theoretical framework are introduced in the introduction.
  • IRB – The IRB or Institutional Review Board is an internal board within the University that reviews the study and determines the risk for the participants.
  • Research Participants or Data Set – Dissertation students often work with research participants or a data set. Thesis students usually conduct a study based on a data set that has already been collected.
  • Review of Data Analysis – Data analysis can be scary. We can assist with a review of your data analysis.
  • Conclusions and Recommendations – Chapter 5 is typically the final chapter in a dissertation or thesis. This is where the document comes together with a summary of the paper, conclusions and recommendations.
  • Abstract Review – The Abstract is a brief summary of the project. It is in the front of the document.
A La Carte Coaching – 2 One-Hour Appointments
Thesis Ideas $300
Dissertation Ideas $500
Explanation of Thesis Process $350
Explanation of Dissertation Process $600
Research Question Formation $400
Premise $450
Prospectus $650
Proposal $1000
Literature Review $650
Chapter 1 $500
Abstract $400
IRB $750
Methodology $900
Data Analysis $900
Oral Defense Preparation $700
Conclusions and Recommendations $550
Survey Instrument $800
Theoretical Framework $700